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Plan de la vallée

Plan de la vallée

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Golden Delicious in Laragne


The Alp apple of Haute Durance have been awarded the Red Label in 1996.
It also holds since 2010 a PGI (Protected Geographical Identification) appellation, best way to defend the geographical origin of the product.


Alp apple of Haute Durance have been bred by Golden Delicious and Gala. They are characterized by firmness, intensity of color and high sugar content.
The apple of Haute Durance Alps is the only Golden apple to hold the famous Red Label. 


The Buëch Valley and Durance Valley offers a wide variety of high quality apples.

 -One apple for 10 is producted here. 

-140 000 tonnes of apples are collected annually by over 150 growers.

-sunshine over 300 days a year = delicious apples !

Les arboriculteurs

Laurence and Marc LONG

Apples and fruits juice Productors 
Les Fourches 05300 Laragne
(south exit of Laragne)
Tél :
Email : laurence.long05@wanadoo.fr

Apples and fruit juice on sale in Laragne, or at the Tourist Office.
The productors welcome you every day.  

Les Pommes des Vergers du GAEC Val Alpins
Marie Line LETANG and Serge Martin

Apples and fruits juice Productors 
Quartier Céans 05300 Lagrand
Tél : ou
Email: lineserge05@hotmail.fr

Apples, fruits juice, flour ...  On sale in the morning only in Lagrand or upon appointment.