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Aromatic plants, herbs and Buckthorn

Plan de la vallée

Plan de la vallée

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Aromatic plants, herbs and Buckthorn

Lime plant



« Terre sauvage » La Palud
26560 LACHAU

Tél : or

Aromatic plants, herbs, visits and stages upon appointment.

Products on sale at the Tourist Office (lavender,thyme, lime syrup, skin cream, oil treatment...)



Emmanuel CABANES
Le Village - 05110 Claret
Tél/fax : or
cabanes.e@wanadoo.fr - www.natvit.fr

Emmanuel CABANES  products Buckthorn in France near Monêtier-Allemont and Claret : it's a natural product rich in vitamin C. 

Buckthorn jellies, jams, calissons are on sale at the tourist office or on the website.

Lavander camps

Elisabeth et Régis AUREL

"Aux arômes de Mange Fèves" 
05300 Saint André de Rosans
Tél : or

Email : mangefeves@gmail.com

Productors of essential oils of lavender, soaps, Elisabeth and Regis welcome you for cutting demonstration of lavender, sampling at the farm.

Fruits : plums, lime, quince, walnut,. Open daily from 15pm to 19pm in July and August by appointment from September to June.