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Honey and confectionery in Provence

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Plan de la vallée

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The honey


Come and enjoy our local honey ... 



La Petite Maison 05700 Méreuil
Tél :
Email : odilereynaud@free.fr

Lavender honey, acacia and flowers honey.
Open every days.
On sale in Méreuil and at the tourist office all the year.

On the markets in summer : thursday in Laragne,  saturday in Serres.


Mellisphère 'miels et gourmandises'
Dubois Mathieu

maison des granges
05700 Montclus
Tél : 04 92 46 14 78

Beekeeper collecting Mathieu products lavender honey, montain, acacia and Garrigue, Dandelion, Chestnut honey...

You also can find : mead, candles, propolis, honey sweets !

On sale in Montclus all the year, or See the website. 

Confectionery, sweets...

 Confectionery : nougat, macaron...


L'Artisan Confiseur

PAYAN Confiseur en Provence
La Gadelle 05300 SALERANS
Tél : or
Email : contact@payan-salerans.com

Mr Payan offers visits of the traditional confectionery upon appointment. He products traditional macarons (lavander,orange, limon,chocolate...) nougats of Provence and pralines (dry or chocolate). 
Let yourself be tempted... it's delicious !!




La Confiserie

Le village 05300 Le Poët
Tél :
Email : maffren@fbc-maffren.com
Site Internet

Confectionery : nougats, calissons, sweets and marzipan...  

The shop is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 12.00pm and 12.30pm to 4:00pm. For groups 25 to 50 people, visits upon appointment, possibility to watch a movie about the local production.



Buckthorn sweets

Buckthorn sweets


Buckthorn sweets

Le Village 05110 Claret
Tél/Fax :
Email : cabanes.e@wanadoo.fr
Site : www.natvit.fr

Buckthorn jellies, calissons, candy, cookies...
On sale at the tourist office or on the website.