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Plan de la vallée

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Laragne-Chabre : practical informations for pilots

IMPORTANT :  North take-off (1) is dangerous when wind is veering west to north - turbulence and rotor.

DECOLLAGES : 1 – 2 – 3   - Coordonnées GPS : latitude 44°17’46’’ - Altitude : 1352 m.  

Laragne-Chabre wind meter on 2m radio: 143.9875 and at: http://www.balisemeteo.com/depart.php?dept=05 

1.  North and South facing.  North take-off is not generally advised as it is above the cliff.  It is possible for experienced pilots when north wind is light to moderate, such as in the morning breeze and with calm conditions. Dangers and difficulties: North wind can pick up suddenly and become too strong.  Nil wind days: wind can switch from north to south frequently.  Beware dust devils when wind is switching.

2.  South facing.  South take off is good once thermal activity is established.  Beware dust devils when wind is switching north/south. 

3.  North and North-East facing.  Good when wind is true north.  A north west wind on launch indicates west wind immediately in front of launch.
Dangers and difficulties: North wind can become too strong very suddenly.  Conversely, an early morning north wind can switch to a southerly very quickly, as thermal activity starts.

LANDING FIELDS : 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 

4.  Emergency paraglider landing field: east - west
Dangers and difficulties: sloping ground and thermic, difficult approach for inexperienced pilots.  Field too short for hang gliders.

5.  South Landing: east-west
Dangers and difficulties: None. Large field. Glide angle from launch: 3.8:1

6. Isle d'Oriane (North Landing): north-north west
Dangers and difficulties: None. Large field sometimes used by microlights.

7.  Laragne-Montéglin campsite: all directions
Dangers and difficulties: sometimes turbulent in a northerly wind. Avoid flying low over the buildings.

8. Barret sur Méouge: east-west
GPS Coodinates: 44°15’42 35’’ N – 5°44’37 57’’ E
Dangers and difficulties: None. Large field.

9. Ribiers landing field: South
Opposite 'La Marmotte' apple warehouse complex.
GPS Coordinates: 44° 14’30 13’’N – 5°50,48 77’’E
Dangers and difficulties: None. Large field

Safety radio frequency, reserved for free fliers: 143.9875MHz - Avoid using it unnecessarily !

Practical information for pilots :

In addition to keeping to the general rules of the air, please respect the following local rules :
- The environment: flora and fauna: avoid flying over sensitive areas
- Airspace: be aware of the altitude limit and restricted areas
- Access and use of this site: footpaths, parking area, access, rigging areas
- Before you fly: don't forget your pre-flight checks ! Hook in.  Buckle up.
- In flight: watch out for other pilots and respect the rules of the air

- Pilots ! You always fly at your own risk, whatever the conditions.

In case of an accident : Call 112

- Be precise and concise
- Give the exact location of the incident (name of the site, access, GPS coordinates)
- If possible, give information on the condition of the injured person

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