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Sisteron and its Citadel

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Sisteron and its Citadel

Sisteron by night


Sisteron designated "ville fleurie" (floral city) 

  • 8000 people
  • 485 m altitude
  • 130 km from Marseille and Grenoble
  • 180 km from Nice
  • Birthplace of the poet Paul Arène (1843-1896)
  • twinned with Herbolzheim (Germany), Oliva (Spain), FIDENZA (Italy).

It has earned the label of "One of the most beautiful detours in France",

 "Green holiday town and awarded “ville fleurie” (floral city) with three flowers 

"Sisteron, pearl of the Haute Provence" is a must and an ideal stop between high mountains and sea. 

" Here a country finishes and another one starts! "

Link between Provence and Dauphiné, the Durance, impetuous river, boldly carves a  water gap through majestic rocks of la Baume ; its shows vertical limestone strata, known worldwide and considered by geologists as a real curiosity which constantly washes the ramparts of the old city. 


The city shows a warren of staircases and vaulted narrow streets named "andrônes"
naturally following its very picturesque gradient, reaching the lofty citadel, which Henry IV was fond of saying it was "the most powerful stronghold of his kingdom."


Architectural heritage flagship, the Citadel (Monument Historique) consists of a wide range of military works from various periods. Stunning setting of the open air theater, it hosts each summer the prestigious cultural event, the "Night of the Citadel," first and oldest festival of the Provence which was created by Marcel Provence in 1928. Music, theater, dance nestled inside the walls and cliffs are a genuine delight for the guests. Walls that are suggested by the presence of centuries-old towers, whose safeguard is due to the visit of Prosper Merimée, and which are the only remnants of the town defences ring built around 1370.


Close to the Tour de la Médisance (Slander Tower), Notre Dame and Saint Thyrse Cathedral (XII century classified historic building) major building of the Romanesque Provencal art, displays its solemn presence.

Open April to November.

To visit the citadel you have the choice: follow the signposts or listen to a pre-recorded commentary or a guide. Inside you can find: a horse carriage museum and the Napoleonic Epic.

Video "Citadelle navire des hommes" (Citadel vessel for mankind)

- Tel. : 04 92 61 27 57 or 04 92 61 06 00 (open 1/4 to 11/11)
- See the site of the tourist office of Sisteron : www.sisteron-tourisme.fr
- mail : atm.sisteron@wanadoo.fr

The convent of the Visitandines (classified historic building), remnant of the entire Episcopal complex conceals delicate frescoes of the 17th century is the splendid setting of the Earth and Time Museum (Musée Terre et temps). 

-Tél. 04 92 61 61 31
-Mail service-culture@sisteron.fr

Thanks to a substantial heritage Sisteron provides efficient social, sports and cultural equipment.

City of culture all year round, the puppet festival announces the arrival of spring and liven up the city with their uproarious shapes.

The International Comics Meeting
opens the summer season which is punctuated by many different events (Street Fest, Water body festival, concerts, exhibitions).

Sisteron offers a wide variety of high quality local products (calissons –almond sweets- , olive oil, and meat specialities). Thus, the Sisteron lamb, Red Label,introduces itself to France's most refined cuisines perpetuating the long tradition of sheep farming.

Sisteron in winter