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Les produits locaux de Laragne

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Plan de la vallée

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A quality mark for Local Products

AOC Banon cheese
AOC Banon cheese

A quality mark for
two local products :
Red label apples,
PGI Alp apple of Haute Durance
AOC Banon cheese

Two products of our territory have reached a quality mark

The Alp apple of Haute Durance

The Alp apple of Haute Durance have been awarded the Red Label in 1996, it also holds since 2010 a PGI (Protected Geographical Identification) appellation, best way to defend the geographical origin of the product.

Alp apple of Haute Durance have been bred by Golden Delicious and Gala. They are characterized by firmness, intensity of color and high sugar content. The apple of Haute Durance Alps is the only Golden apple to hold the famous Red Label. 

The famous Banon AOC

The famous Banon AOC goat cheese is produced here by the cheese dairy of Laragne. Originating in a territory between Durance and Verdon, the Banon is a mild goat Provence cheese, wrapped in chestnut leaves, bound by a wisp of raffia. 

The Banon AOC, exclusively from raw, whole-cream goat's milk, has the AOC since 2003.

Let yourself be tempted... come and enjoy our local products: sausages, cheeses, in addition to the sweets with honey, nougat and macaroons and also fruit juices and of course ... apples ! !
Aromatic plants, herbs, Buckthorn
Confectionery, honey
Aromatic plants,                                  Cheeses                                   confectionery, honey                           Apples
herbs, Buckthorn                 

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