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Plan de la vallée

Plan de la vallée

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The «Tourism and Disability» label

The «Tourism and Disability» label

The «Tourism and Disability» label is a response to the request of disabled people who want to be able to freely choose their holidays and leisure time. It provides guarantees of an effective welcome adapted to the basic needs of disabled people.

" The «Tourism and Disability» constitutes proof of the concrete commitment: the logo affixed at the entrance and on every document informs people with disabilities in a reliable, homogeneous and objective way on the accessibility of locations according to the disability (motor, visual, auditory and mental) by using four pictograms. 

For further information please visit the Conseil Général website or the website  Handitourisme .
Download the guide Handitourisme 2011.

You also can visit  www.handitourismepaca.fr for the regional informations.


EMERGENCY : Emergency fax and SMS to 114 for people with auditory disability.

Bed and breakfast "Le Vieux Murier"

Bed and breakfast

Bed and breakfast  Le Vieux Murier :

to the 4 disabilities (motor, visual, auditory and mental)

Martine et Alain Fortin-Forest des Grosses-04200 SIGOYER-Tél : – Mail : le.vieux.murier@orange.fr

2 bedrooms with bathrooms fully equipped to satisfy the Label Tourism and Handicap. Everything is done to accommodate the most people with a handicap. You can move safely in the space in ground garden. You can park your car on consolidated ground and then take a ramp to reach the garden and terraces where the rooms are open and the guest room.

Open all year.

The tourist office of Laragne

The Tourist Office of Laragne

The tourist office of Laragne received the label "Tourism and Disability " for four disabilities  - mental, visual, motor, auditory - 

Place des Aires Laragne-Montéglin 05300 - Tel: - Fax: 41 - www.tourisme-laragne.fr


Handicapped visitors have a reserved parking space and a wheelchair ramp to access the office. The design and layout facilitate disabled access to tourism and recreation. The office has a magnetic loop amplifier, a tourist brochure in large print, a web connection with a 23 inch screen and a keyboard with enlarged keys...

The whole team is at your disposal to help you find accommodation and leisure activities appropriate to your situation and your expectations.

Label 4 handicaps

Mison Lake near Upaix and Le Poët


The lake have got an observation pontoon for birds, 2 fishing spaces and 4 braille panels embossed on the flora and fauna of the lake.  Reception areas, trail around the lake, picnic tables, parking areas.

Old artificial reservoir for irrigation, nature has reclaimed its right, developed offshore natural garden. 
Motor handicap information: Two fishing stations, wood covering, picnic area available.
Mental handicap information: Information panels and markings.
Labelled Tourism and Handicap -motor, mental, visual. 

Railwayman museum in Veynes

écomusée du cheminot veynois

Ecomusée du cheminot Veynois : Railwayman museum
Museum labelled Tourism & Handicap (motor and mental)
rue du jeu de Paume, 05400 Veynes 
Tél 04 92 58 00 49 - Fax 04 92 58 19 71 
http://www.ecomusee-cheminot.com  Mail : ecomusee.cheminot@wanadoo.fr -

L'Ecomusée du Cheminot Veynois (railwayman museum) is opened :
from june 1st to september 30th, from wednesday to saturday 15 p.m until 19 p.m ( during other holidays 14.00 until 18.00).
Price : 3, 50€ for adult- 1,50€ for child from 4 to 12 years old.
FREE if the child is less 4 years old.
2,50€ by people for group (more 15 people),
Reservation : 04 92 50 00 49

Trail of Butterflies in Beynaves near Orpierre

Educational nature trail for butterflies at Beynaves in Orpierre / Sainte Colombe :

Educational nature trail for butterflies observation labelled Tourism and handicap- motor, mental, auditory.

2 reserved parking space, WC accessible for handicapped. All the trail (1700m) is accessible for motor disability. Information panels and markings.

Lake Germanette

Plan d’eau de la Germanette à Serres : 

Tourisme and handicap label  (motor).
Route de Sisteron 05700 SERRES – Tél : 04 92 67 03 77
- mail :bl.germanette@wanadoo.fr
Site "handiplage" since 2010. Lake and leisure park are equipped to welcome people with motor disability... 

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