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The Meouge Canyon near Laragne

Plan de la vallée

Plan de la vallée

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The Meouge Canyon near Laragne

The Méouge canyon

Natura 2000 site

Located 5 km south of Laragne the Méouge canyon is a classified biological reserve and represents a crown jewel for the department. The river in some places has carved beautiful basins through the limestone: it is a renowned place not only to swim but also for walking. Many hiking trails allow you to discover the canyon. 

Concerning heritage, note the old Roman bridge with 3 arches, still in very good condition, and the remains of a mill which has been washed out by a flood in 1901.
Admire the geological environment: huge blocks of rocks form beautiful ivory colored layers.
Read the information panels on fauna and flora: you are here in a Natura 2000 site, full of alpine, Provencal, Mediterranean, Iberian and even north African plants.
So refreshing in summer, the Méouge River allows you a kayak descent in spring.
You also can fly over it, hang-gliding or paragliding. The site of Chabre is the starting point with a superb panorama view.  

Hiking in the Méouge Canyon

Example of circuits : "Le Banc du bouc"

Departure and Arrival : Roman Bridge of Châteauneuf de Chabre.
Distance: 2.3 km
Heigh difference: 120 m.
Difficulty : easy,
IGN map: OT 3339, 
Average duration: 1h

Hiking " Le Banc du Bouc  " 

  • Follow the yellow and red signs. Take the road towards the canyon and walk down along the trail on the left along the stone wall. After the Roman bridge which offers a lovely view on the river, follow the path on your left. After a few meters turn right towards Saint-Pierre- Havez then straight on.
  • The trail follows the river on a balcony, bypasses the "Banc du Bouc " (Bench of the Goat) and reaches a picnic area. At the junction, forget the marking “GR de Pays” and follow on your right the yellow PR mark. Cross the footbridge to reach the road.

  • At the road, take the path on the opposite side which once was the junction between the village of Pomet and the gardens on the picnic area. The ruin (former "shelter") was used to store tools, to shelter ...
  • At the road, walk back down to your departure point. Walk by the Banc du bouc, (the Bench of the Goat). Don’t hesitate to step forwards for getting an overview of the hike. One of the panels displayed in the Méouge villages explains some characteristics of the area.
  • Family circuit arrival where you can see the most of the Méouge canyon without too much effort ! 
Meouge Canyon