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Cycling near Laragne

Plan de la vallée

Plan de la vallée

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Cycling in Upaix


Enjoy the great variety of tours and the  beauty of the landscapes with over 18 routes a privileged territory in matters of cycling, with few vehicles, pleasant roads and  many accessible passes.

See our maps of trails (topos-guides)

-Free map " les itinéraires partagés Hautes-Alpes" (shared itineraries of the  Hautes-Alpes). 

-Cycling map of the Buëch region: 1 € 50.

-Circuit sheets available at the Tourist Office of Laragne

Example of a cycling tour


Upaix village 

Circuit in the surroundings of Laragne ; one pass to cross, small sun exposed winding roads, typical landscapes.

  • 4h
  • 60km roundtrip
  • Departure in Laragne towards Upaix along the D22 for 4km, up to the village of Upaix.

Admire the view before descending to Lazer following the D212, after the electric ( EDF) power station follow the  D942 direction Ventavon;

Once under the village of Ventavon go towards Col de Faye, then down to Savournon, pass the Bersac; when you arrive on the RD1075 go towards Laragne 500m further turn right to the St Sauveur dam,  ride along the Buëch up to Lagrand on the  D50 and D350, at the roundabout follow Saléon on the  D350, go under the village, cross the tile- fabric and return  to Laragne.

Cyclo Club Laragne

cyclo club laragne

Every Monday and Saturday from September to June, The Cyclo Club of Laragne offers cycling tours accompanied by association volunteers. 

Departure at the Café de la Gare at 1:30pm.

Cycling program available on request at the Tourist Office.






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