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The sundials road

Plan de la vallée

Plan de la vallée

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The sundials

The sundials road goes across the Hautes-Alpes with over 400 ancient and contemporary sundials.

In the south of the department, they are mostly contemporary.
The ancestral tradition is perpetuated by the sundial-and fresco painter Rémi Potey who created numerous contemporary sundials in the villages of our region.
From sundial to sundial you will discover the natural and manmade heritage of our valleys...
Sundial in Barret sur Méouge
Sundial in Barret sur Méouge
 Sundial in Upaix
Sundial in Upaix
Sundial in Le Poët
Sundial in Le Poët

Un dépliant illustré, disponible à l’Office du Tourisme, vous accompagnera sur cette ludique et passionnante route des cadrans solaires.

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Sundial in Monëtier-Allemont


In Laragne, you can see the sundial on the church of Montéglin.

In Le Poët
, go and walk through the streets of the village for finding the dial, painted in fresco on a building façade, a nod and a wink to Leonardo da Vinci…

In Monêtier-Allemont,
  go and search the Cornucopia :
... it illustrates a splendid contemporary sundial that adorns a building wall in the village.