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Fishing near Laragne

Plan de la vallée

Plan de la vallée

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A boy fishing...
A nature-orientated and recreational activity : you will discover there a great diversity of fish species and a multitude of different  environments: torrents , rivers, ponds, lakes ...


Day passes, holiday fishing licence, and a discovery pass for children are available. Do not hesitate to get information from the tourist offices, the resellers on the website :www.federationpeche.fr/05/


Fishing permits are available at :

  • Laragne :
    Tabac de la fontaine, 44, place de la Fontaine 04 92 65 16 15
    Tabac Hiblot, 9, rue de la Paix,
  • Eyguians :
    Hôtel de la gare 04 92 52 77 59
  • Serres :
    Office de tourisme 04 92 67 00 67

For fishing in rivers : the Buëch River is classified into 2 categories.

Above the bridge of Serres, the Buëch is classified in Category 1, below, it belongs to the second category. The Buëch is a public sector. The Durance below the dam of La Saulce is also classified as second category (public sector). The Céans is a second category private sector, The Méouge is first category private sector.

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Carp fishing at night :

Carp fishing is allowed from May,1st to October 31 at the Lake of VIVAS: Lake downstream  in the commune of Monêtier-Allemont and in the lake of the RIOU: along the town road (upstream of the inlet channel of St Sauveur - downstream of the confluence of the Riou brook). Commune of Garde Colombe.

Fishing in the Riou


The Federation of Hautes-Alpes for fishing offers you all the news :

You can see the river webcam on www.federationpeche.fr/05/


The programm 2017 on the web site :  

For information the price of fishing permits are : 

« Adult » 72 € 

« Discover for woman » 32 € 

« Child » 20 € 

« Discover » (-12 years) : 6 € 

« Daily » : 13 €.

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